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Our office has gained special expertise over the years in the so-called “Third Sector”, particularly by assisting and advising associations, amateur sports clubs,
non-profit organizations and foundations.

Degrassi & Partners can provide a wide range of services in the following areas:

→ analysis of tax reliefs included in the specific legislation;

→ drafting of the bylaws;

→ admission to registers, recognition of the legal status;

→ analysis of the bodies’ framework;

→ accounting, fiscal and tax assistance in the drawing up of periodic financial reports;

→ drafting of opinions on specific issues;

→ contracts, agreements and funding;

→ advisory in litigation and pre-litigation phase.

Degrassi & Partners is business partner of:
ACB Group Sviluppo ACB International ACB Dispute Resolution Malta Stock Finanziaria Internazionale Centro diritto penale
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