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He got a degree in Economics at the University of Parma in 2009.

He has been a professional since 2016 and previously he was a trainee at Degrassi & Partners, where he developed important skills in the following topics:

  • → fiscal and civil aspects in Amateur Sports Clubs and in Amateur Sports Companies;
  • → UEFA Financial Fair Play;
  • → dedicated assets to specific business activities;
  • → tax litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Perfect knowledge of English and Slovakian language and basic knowledge of German and French language.

From 1998 to 2015 he was a professional basketball player in bush and major leagues, also competing for European championships. Whilst in the youth national basketball team, he played in the European youth championship in Bulgaria and, in the major league, he challenged for the Universiade 2015 in Turkey and for the pre-Olympic games in China in 2007.

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