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Advisor, registered at the Board of Accountants in Trieste since 1984, he founded the Partnership in the same year. Among other qualifications, he is also chartered accountant, auditor and Court’s Technical Consultant.

He has a degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Law as well as a Master degree in “internationalization of companies” from N.I.B.I.

From 1993 to 1997 he assumed the charge of Vice President of the Board of Accountants of Trieste and member of the State Examination Commission for the qualification of the profession of Public Accountants. He was also President of I.S.D.E.E. (Regional institution and documentation on EU and Eastern Europe). His main fields of activity are the international setting up of an entrepreneurial activity and all aspects in connection therewith, especially in Eastern Europe and Middle-East and North African Countries. He still performs this activity in his quality of President of the Management Committee of ACB International, a dedicated asset of ACB Group Sviluppo S.p.A.

His background, full of remarkable experiences abroad, shows a flexible profile, working in private and public environments, highlighting in the latter the appointing and use of means for the drawing up and entering into intergovernmental and/or interregional and or international agreements to promote exchanges in economic and financial fields.

As for the former, remarkable are his skills at the usage of instruments for the development of entrepreneurial activities: formation of joint-ventures, contractual and binding laws in an international framework, transfer of assets, mergers of international groups, analytical and control programs for the management of enterprises and EU restructuring of enterprises and groups of companies in shipping sectors.

At present, one of his main fields of interest and high specialization is the trust for assets protection and the regulation of existing trusts, with special interest in social funding instruments (such as EuSEF) or other financial instruments for companies. He is Vice President of the Board of Auditors in many companies, some of them quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange; he is also a member of the Board of Control in banking institutions, Foundations and Italian companies operating abroad or companies set up by public capital.

Other activities which can be highlighted are: publications in specialized newspapers and magazines, as “Il Sole 24 Ore”, organization and interventions as speaker in many conferences and meetings with several topics of economic and tax interest. He is member of the Center for Criminal Tax Law, a member of NED Community and Founder of Ce.S.D.E. (Study Center on European Customs Law).

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