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Carla Nassetti, registered at Bologna's Professional Board of Lawyers since 1995, has been in cooperation with Degrassi & Partners since 1997; she is specialized in the cases related to family and underage rights and laws; since 2001 she has been dealing with trusts, especially in their application to family and legacies.

She is the Chairman of the Italian Association of female Lawyers (AGI-Associazione Giuriste Italiane) and she constantly cooperates with the Italian forensic foundation “Fondazione Forense Bolognese” where she teaches at the training courses.

She has taken part, also as a speaker, in several conferences, meetings, lectures on Family Law for the professional updating of tax advisors, Lawyers and Notaries, and has held lectures also on Trust.

Carla Nassetti
Viale Enrico Panzacchi, 25
40136, Bologna
Tel: +39 051581957

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