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Degrassi & Partners provides assistance and consultancy services to companies on national and international tax law. Our professionals and local partners are expert in any aspect related to the development of the investments within the countries herein reported and offer, then, in local and international framework, their own qualified services in different fields. Among them the members of the group have specialised in:

Advisory services on internationalisation of enterprises:
  • → advisory services in the formation of joint ventures and regulation of international commercial relations;
  • → advisory services in operations involving international groups: mergers, acquisitions, attribution of assets, among subjects residing in different jurisdictions;
  • → juridical, tributary and accounting due diligence of industrial, commercial or real estate property activities already existing in the referred Territory;
  • → international transfer of assets and international development of the company;
  • → purchase, registration and management of international trademarks;
  • → international tax and company law applied to groups of companies, economical and financial analyses for the start up of international projects;
  • → use of instruments of European and national tax relief to support internationalisation;
  • → tax and social providence assistance to extra UE companies in the field of contracts and subcontracts for the execution of works.

The hereabove mentioned activity has been carried out in the Territories for well known groups of international and national companies, in certain occasions officially quoted, operating in different sectors of industry, commerce and tourism.

  • → Financing of projects in an international framework;
  • → International representation;
  • → Activity of professional managerial training;
  • → Promotion, direct organisation and participation as speakers in conferences, congresses and meetings about international and European tax and company law.

The languages used by Degrassi & Partners for the eventual assistance are: Italian, English and all the official languages spoken on the Territories where they act directly (Hungarian, Russian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Rumanian) or indirectly (Polish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese...).

Degrassi & Partners is business partner of:
ACB Group Sviluppo ACB International ACB Dispute Resolution Malta Stock Finanziaria Internazionale Centro diritto penale
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